It you’re tired of bland, the secret to truly flavourful and tender meat is to marinate it. Enjoy the richly aromatic flavour of herbs & spices blended into a marinade with Simo’s Mediterranean Marinades. The unique blend of herbs & spices are in an olive oil base, with no sugar, chemicals or preservatives. Plenty of taste but no calories, and gluten-free.

The secret of marinades is that, not only do the meat or vegetables absorb the flavours, but once the meat is cooked a little water added to the pan creates a wonderful rich jus – the finishing touch to a superb meal. “It’s a happy and healthy way to eat,”  says Simo.

Can be used with all types of Poulty and Pork


Olive Oil Canola Oil Lemon
Garlic Black Pepper Parsley
Coriander Paprika Ginger
Tumeric Salt  

Can be used with Venison

Beef & Lamb

Olive Oil Canola Oil Garlic
Onion Thyme Oregano
Black Pepper Chilli Paprika
Coriander Salt  

Can be used with all types of Seafood


Olive Oil Canola Oil Lemon
Garlic Black Pepper Cumin
Dill Parsley Paprika
Coriander Ginger  

Can be used with all types of Vegetables


Olive Oil Canola Oil Garlic
Cumin Black Pepper Rosemary
Basil Paprika  


Bring your recipes and taste buds to life with the zing of sweetness and tang that only citrus can deliver. Sun-drenched Hawkes Bay oranges and lemons are used to form the righteous flavour combinations that Simo is renowned for.


Lemon Zest

Lemon & Garlic Mayonnaise
Lemon sauce for Chicken
Citrus Vinaigrette
Greek Lemon & Oregano sauce
Lemon Zest & Dijon mustard crust
Meat Stuffi ngs
Lemon Cheese Cake
Lemonade drink
Lemon Meringue Pie


Orange Zest

Roasted Duck with Orange sauce
Pork Stir-fry with Orange sauce
Orange glazed Ham
Broccoli Salad with Orange dressing
Orange & Coconut Yoghurt dip
Orange Zest & Almond Biscotti
Orange & Raspberry Muffi n
Cranberry & Orange Scones
Stir-through yoghurt
or ice-cream topping
Orange & Mint Ice-cream


Lemon & Coriander Zest

Lemon & Coriander Couscous Salad
Lemon & Coriander staffi ng for Chicken
Roasted Lemon & Coriander whole Fish
Lemon and Coriander Humus Dip
Baked Fish Fillet with Lemon & Coriander sauce
Lemon and Coriander Aranccini balls
Garlic Prawns with Lemon & Coriander sauce
Salmon or Chicken citrus crust
Asian fl avours – add to a stir-fry


Orange & Cinnamon Zest

Orange & Cinnamon Carrot Salad
Honey, Orange & Cinnamon Dressing
Orange & Cinnamon Coulis
French toast with Orange & Cinnamon Syrup
Orange & Cinnamon Buns
Orange & Cinnamon Blush
Orange & Cinnamon Carrot Cake
Pecan Cake with Orange & Cinnamon
Christmas Orange & Cinnamon Fruit Cake
Orange & Cinnamon Stick-date pudding

No more need to zest your own citrus as these concentrated Zest products are an ideal flavour ingredient for every occasion; from savoury, sauces, dressings, stuffing to a multitude of baking and dessert ideas.


“It’s like my restaurant in your pantry,” says Simo.
"It's a happy and healthy way to eat,"