Simo Abbari is well-known among Christchurch foodies after he brought his Moroccan epicurean talents to the city over two decades ago.

Simo has trained in classical French cuisine, and worked in kitchens across Europe and North Africa.

After losing two kitchens, a cooking school, and a precious cook book that had been years in the making in the Christchurch earthquakes, Simo didn’t give up but set about opening an acclaimed delicatessen and café called Mosaic by Simo.

Whilst drawing heavily on Simo’s Mediterranean and North African heritage for their intense flavour, the product range encapsulates high quality locally sourced ingredients. Simo has lovingly crafted each product with a pinch of help from a food technologist to get the flavour, texture and taste just right.

As well as being heavily involved in the hospitality and catering industry, Simo also enjoys the culinary delights of product & recipe development, undertaking cooking classes and leading food tours to North Africa and the Mediterranean.

“If you believe you can do these things, you can.”
-Simo Abbari